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Watch a Bald Eagle Steal a Golf Ball off the Green

It's not every day you get to see a bald eagle in the lower 48. Much less see one on the golf course you're playing. And see one land on the putting green and steal your golf ball. Hey! Hey, you damn bald eagle! I don't care if you're the symbol of our country, get back here with my golf ball! The incident was caught on video by golfer Joe Saletto, and it was Joe's ball that this thieving eagle flew off with. It happened on the 12th hole of North Bellingham Golf Course in Bellingham, Wash. But wait! Maybe this bald eagle isn't so bad after all! Because he showed up again on the 13th tee box, sitting there, as if waiting for the golfers. And he returned the ball to its rightful owner:

9-Iron vs. GoPro Camera: When Worlds Collide (It Ain't Pretty for the Camera)

What happens when you set a GoPro camera on the ground and take a swing at it with a 9-iron? That's what the guys at Wired 's Battle Damage wanted to know. Because ... well ... why not? It's fun to smash things. (Hint: It ain't pretty for the GoPro.)

PGA Tour Players Create Craft Beers, Company to Market Them

For many golfers, golf and beer go together like ... well, like golf and beer. You can't play golf without downing a few beers. At a minimum, after the round; preferably, during the round. Combine that golf-and-beer twinning with the craft beer craze, and what do you get? You get Graeme McDowell, Keegan Bradley and Freddie Jacobson forming a company to market craft beers they created. The idea actually started with Jacobson, who then brought in Bradley and McDowell. This threeball and their company, Golf Beer Brewing, will start selling their beers on tap at Florida golf courses and select golf course bars and restaurants beginning this year. In 2015, the beers will be marketed in bottles and cans, at grocery stores, bars and restaurants outside of golf courses, but at first only in Florida. Expansion to later markets will follow. Each of the three golfers had a role in creating a beer to their taste and representative of their region of origin: McDowell's is called G-M

It's a No-No for Caddy Girls on 'Shark Tank'

Thanks to Golf Digest for reminding me about The Caddy Girls pitch on the ABC show Shark Tank . The Caddy Girls is a Myrtle Beach-based company founded in 2005 by Meghan Tarmey. Tarmey is hot. She does modeling shoots like this: But, as Melanie Griffith said in Working Girl , Tarmey must have a mind for business to go with that bod for sin. She started Caddy Girls while she was still in college and has grown it into a lucrative business. So lucrative that she has big expansion plans and is seeking investors. Which is why she was on Shark Tank . Tarmey was asking the sharks for $100,000 for a 20-percent stake in the company (which creates a valuation of a half-million dollars). The sharks said no. Head shark and head case Kevin O'Leary countered by offering Tarmey $100k for 50-percent of Caddy Girls. Tarmey said no. It was a no-no show for Caddy Girls. Here's part of the segment: 'Shark Tank': The Caddy Girls Shoot Down Kevin The Caddy Girls was not

Say Hi to Alexis Randock, Rickie Fowler's Girlfriend

Is Rickie Fowler's new girlfriend the hot model Alexis Randock? Well, if they aren't a couple, they're doing a good job of convicing everyone otherwise. While they haven't officially "outed" themselves yet, they've made a spectacle of their, ahem, friendship on Instagram. Here are a couple pics posted by Alexis: The smoking gun? The one above was captioned by Alexis this way: "picked up some random at the bar last night @therealrickiefowler" Here's one posted by Rickie on Instagram: Randock is 24 years old. She attended Arizona State University. She is a model signed with the world-famous Wilhelmina Agency. Yep, it's good to be Rickie Fowler. #174132247 /

The All-in-One Golf Bag-Push Cart Combo

We haven't done any "Pro Shop Finds" entries in a while because, well, there just hasn't been much in the way of new or funny or innovative or weird golf equipment crossing our transom. But then this arrived in the email today: I know what you're thinking: So it's a golf bag on a push cart. What's the big deal? Ah, but this isn't just the usual push cart with a golf bag strapped onto it. No, this is all one unit . It's a golf bag-and-push cart in one . And I absolutely love this idea. It's called the Duo Golf Cart and the company that makes it is Alphard. No more having to carry around a bag and also a push cart, get both of them into the trunk, take both of them out at the golf course, strap the bag onto the cart, then several times around have to adjust the bag and retighten straps because the bag keeps slipping out of place. The Duo Golf Cart even comes with hydraulics to make folding and unfolding easier. Yes, like a regular ol

Lexi Thompson Whiffs 1-Inch Putt

Here's something you don't see every day: a pro golfer - one of the best on her tour, in fact - totally whiffing a 1-inch tap-in putt. Go to the 1:30 mark in this Golf Channel video of first-round highlights from the 2014 Sime Darby LPGA to watch Lexi Thompson do just that: Ouch. What a look on her face. To Lexi's credit she immediately counted the stroke, but that smile is the smile of a golfer who feels very embarrassed about what just happened. The whiff happened on the ninth hole and it meant a double-bogey for Thompson. She wound up shooting 71. Hopefully Lexi's whiff won't come back to haunt her the way one of the most infamous whiffed putts in golf history did Hale Irwin at the 1983 British Open. Irwin whiffed a 2-inch putt in the third round ... then finished one stroke out of a playoff. Just in case the Golf Channel video above doesn't work for you, here's an Instagram capture of Lexi's whiff: Loading Poor @Lexi, having bad day mi

Tom Watson Was a Jerk at the 1993 Ryder Cup, Too

By now you've probably read Bob Harig's story at about the disastrous Saturday evening team meeting of the Americans at the 2014 Ryder Cup. Harig reported that Captain Tom Watson began the meeting by telling his players, "You stink at foursomes." Of course, given that the Americans had just gone 0-6-2 in foursomes, that's a pretty obvious statement. But it wasn't what the players wanted to hear in that setting; they were after some encouragement and optimism, and Watson's brusque, brutal (but accurate) assessment set the tone. The meeting was all downhill from there. Watson, according to Harig's sources, showed no appreciation when the team presented him with a personalized gift. In fact, he demeaned the gift, saying it meant nothing to him if Team USA failed to win. He also insulted multiple European players when going through the singles matchups for the final day. Quite a guy, that Tom Watson! Funny thing is: the PGA of America k

Rory McIlroy's Premature Ejacubration

What's a "premature ejacubration"? Well, it's when you pop your cork earlier than you wanted to: Love Graeme McDowell's reaction. Rory McIlroy and McDowell were waiting to let loose with a Ryder Cup celebration, but they had to let Zach Johnson putt out first. Unfortunately, Rory just couldn't last. At least Rory was appropriately apologetic about his, um, performance issue: I swear this usually never happens!!! 😂 #premature #sorryzach — Rory Mcilroy (@McIlroyRory) September 29, 2014