It's a No-No for Caddy Girls on 'Shark Tank'

Thanks to Golf Digest for reminding me about The Caddy Girls pitch on the ABC show Shark Tank.

The Caddy Girls is a Myrtle Beach-based company founded in 2005 by Meghan Tarmey. Tarmey is hot. She does modeling shoots like this:

But, as Melanie Griffith said in Working Girl, Tarmey must have a mind for business to go with that bod for sin. She started Caddy Girls while she was still in college and has grown it into a lucrative business. So lucrative that she has big expansion plans and is seeking investors. Which is why she was on Shark Tank.

Tarmey was asking the sharks for $100,000 for a 20-percent stake in the company (which creates a valuation of a half-million dollars). The sharks said no. Head shark and head case Kevin O'Leary countered by offering Tarmey $100k for 50-percent of Caddy Girls. Tarmey said no. It was a no-no show for Caddy Girls.

Here's part of the segment:

The Caddy Girls was not the first time hot women were hired and trained as golf caddies (nor the first to misspell caddie), but Tarmey's company has certainly become one of the most prominent and successful. You can follow them @thecaddygirls, or check out the website - where Caddy Girls can be booked - at

And The Caddy Girls aren't just in Myrtle Beach anymore. They are also in Atlanta, Dallas, Oahu, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Miami, Nashville, Orlando, San Diego and Scottsdale, among other places.

And yes, the Caddy Girls really do know golf: they are trained in golf etiquette, yardages, club selection, rules. Oh, and it doesn't hurt that they look like this:

Meghan might be disappointed that she didn't come out of Shark Tank with the investment she was looking for. But she seems to be doing great already, and her business will surely continue to grow.

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