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Would You Pay to Play One of America's 10 Most-Expensive Golf Courses?

How much are you willing to pay to play golf? What's the highest green fee you've ever paid for a round of golf? The most-expensive green fee I've ever paid is $120, although the most I've ever paid for golf is $480. I'll explain the apparent contradiction in a minute. First, here's a list of the 10 highest green fees in the United States. 10 Most-Expensive Green Fees at USA Golf Courses 1. Shadow Creek, Las Vegas, $500 2. Pebble Beach, California, $495 3. Pinehurst No. 2, North Carolina, $450 4. Whistling Straits (Straits course), Wisconsin, $430 ($370 green fee plus mandatory $60 caddie fee) 5. Greenbrier Resort (TPC Old White), West Virginia, $395 ($375 green fee plus $20 forecaddie fee) 6. Doral (Blue Monster), Florida, $390 7. Spyglass Hill, California, $385 8. French Lick (Dye Course), Indiana, $380 ($350 green fee plus $30 forecaddie) 9. TPC Sawgrass (Players course), Florida, $375 t9. Wynn Golf Club, Las Vegas, $375 This ranking, and the

Driver Used By Sam Snead for 17 Years Going to Auction Block

If you have a spare $250,000 (or more) lying around, you can be the proud, new owner of a driver that was used on the PGA Tour for 17 years by Sam Snead. Yep, back in Snead's day you didn't trade in your driver every other weekend for the newest release by your club sponsor. You found a persimmon driver you loved, you stuck with it. And Snead stuck with his baby for 17 years, from 1936 through 1953. The auctioneers, Heritage Auctions, say that this driver was used by Snead in more than 100 victories - many, obviously not all of them, PGA Tour wins. How did Snead get the driver? He took it out of the bag of fellow pro Henry Picard. In a letter dated Nov. 12, 1993 (and in which he repeatedly misspells Picard's name), Snead told the story of the driver: In 1936 I was signed with Dunlop, along with Henry Pickard (sic). We were at a tournament on the practice tee when I spotted this driver in Pickard's bag. I took it out and tried it and felt it and really liked

Stacy Lewis' Terrible Topped Shot at 2014 Evian

Hey, it happens even to the best of us. What happens? This happens: Yep, that's LPGA major championship winner and No. 1-ranked Stacy Lewis hitting one of the worst shots you'll ever see a tour professional hit. The shot happened during the 2014 Evian Championship, and during a third-round 73. Lewis' reaction says it all: Ohmigodwhatthehellhappenedthatwassoembarrassing! But there's a bright side: We can all honestly now say that we've hit fairway woods better than Stacy Lewis.

Where's Win McMurry? Probably Somewhere in a Bikini

Where is Win McMurry? The winsome blonde broadcaster has been absent from the Golf Channel for a while now, and hasn't popped up in any other (regular) TV role as I write this in September of 2014. But don't feel bad for Win. Judging by her Instagram account ( @WinMcMurry ) she's busying having a fantastic time that can be summed up in three words: beaches, bikinis, cocktails. So what happened to Win McMurry at the Golf Channel? Why is she no longer employed there? Nobody seems to know (except those who aren't talking). I reached out to Golf Channel via email and a network spokesperson replied simply that "Win's contract was not renewed at the end of 2013." The spokesperson added that the network "wish(es) her the best in her future endeavors." So Win was out as a full employee of the Golf Channel as of 2014 (I believe she did still appear on the network in spots afterward, probably on a per-piece basis). Is it just a coincidence that McM