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Tony Jacklin Booted Off BBC's 'Strictly Come Dancing'

The BBC has a show called Strictly Come Dancing , the British version of Dancing with the Stars (or maybe DWTS is the American version of SCD?). And one of the contestants this season was British golf legend Tony Jacklin, a U.S. Open and British Open champion. But he's not a dancing champion. He got kicked out after the second week of performances. Here is Jacklin's Week 1 dance, a waltz: The only surprise is that he lasted to Week 2. But last to Week 2 Jacklin did! Which led to this atrocious performance, "dancing" the Charleston: But hey, even though he embarrassed himself, kudos to Jacklin. It takes guts to do that, and guts is something Jacklin always had on the golf course. And still has.

Morgan Freeman to Robert De Niro: Do NOT Take Up Golf

Morgan Freeman and Robert De Niro are two of the costars of a new old-coots-go-wild movie called Last Vegas , opening soon. An interview with the cast appears in the Oct. 18 issue of Entertainment Weekly , and Freeman - an avid golfer - has this exchange with De Niro in which he warns De Niro not to take up golf: EW: Bob, do you ever think about retiring? De Niro: What am I gonna do? Play golf? I don't play golf. Not that I want to offend anyone who plays golf. Freeman: Well ... De Niro: You play golf? Freeman: I play golf. De Niro: OK, I'm sorry. ... I'm sure that's a whole other experience that I just don't ... Freeman: Don't involve yourself with golf. It's the most humiliating game anybody ever invented. Truer words have never been spoken. On the other hand, maybe Freeman is simply doing it wrong. Hey, Morgan, you do know you're allowed to put both hands on the club, right?

Win This, Not That

There are a lot of ugly trophies in the world of golf. (One website has an entire photo gallery of them.) Many tournaments these days tend to want to create a trophy that stands out from the crown - that is different, unusual, attention-getting. Something odd, out of the ordinary. So GSB* commends the folks who run the Open who hired Malcolm DeMille Inc. to design a new trophy, and DeMille for coming up with such a classic beauty: Yesssss, that's a golf trophy. It doesn't break any new ground, but why should it? It just looks so classic and high-class. It's a bronze cup that is silver-plated and a foot tall. Wouldn't you much rather win that trophy than this one: But don't worry! The second one is supposed to be goofy. Or "whimsical," in the words of Malcolm DeMille Inc. (DeMille is a designer and manufacturer of sculptural statues, prizes, money clips, fine jewelry and accessories.) is an electronics retailer; their mascot

G-Mac Is Off the Market; Meet His Lovely New Wife Kristin Stape

Graeme McDowell has long been considered (ahem, I'm told by lady friends) one of the sexiest players in golf. But shed a tear, ladies, shed a tear: G-Mac is now a married man. McDowell and the lovely Kristin Stape were married over the weekend at a ceremony in the Bahamas. Two photos posted by Graeme on Instagram (photos by Collin Hughes ): According to Ireland's Herald newspaper, it was a small ceremony attended by only around 30 guests. Rory McIlroy was unable to attend, the paper said, due to previous commitments with Nike Golf. Perhaps Rors will be able to make the follow-up celebration that is planned by the couple in Portrush. Who is Kristin Stape? On her Twitter page ( @kristinstape ), she writes this about herself: "Fashionista for the home, eternal optimist, foodie, sports enthusiast, professional tourist, wannabe MacGyver, and most fun of all ... a mother." Stape has a child from a previous relationship, so G-Mac didn't just become a husband, he a