Morgan Freeman to Robert De Niro: Do NOT Take Up Golf

Morgan Freeman and Robert De Niro are two of the costars of a new old-coots-go-wild movie called Last Vegas, opening soon. An interview with the cast appears in the Oct. 18 issue of Entertainment Weekly, and Freeman - an avid golfer - has this exchange with De Niro in which he warns De Niro not to take up golf:

EW: Bob, do you ever think about retiring?

De Niro: What am I gonna do? Play golf? I don't play golf. Not that I want to offend anyone who plays golf.

Freeman: Well ...

De Niro: You play golf?

Freeman: I play golf.

De Niro: OK, I'm sorry. ... I'm sure that's a whole other experience that I just don't ...

Freeman: Don't involve yourself with golf. It's the most humiliating game anybody ever invented.

Truer words have never been spoken. On the other hand, maybe Freeman is simply doing it wrong. Hey, Morgan, you do know you're allowed to put both hands on the club, right?

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