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MacGregor Becoming a Golfsmith House Brand

MacGregor Golf has been around as a golf equipment manufacturer for more than 110 years. But that long company history is at an end - retail giant Golfsmith has purchased the MacGregor name and will keep the MacGregor brand alive as a "house brand." Golfsmith, based in Austin, Texas, has several "house brands," clubs it makes and sells under the brand names of formerly independent companies. Among those are Lynx and Snake Eyes; MacGregor will be the newest. MacGregor, which was based in Albany, Ga., claims that more majors (59) were won with MacGregor clubs than with clubs made by any other company. Many of those majors were accounted for by Jack Nicklaus, who was long associated with MacGregor. In fact, Nicklaus was the owner of MacGregor for many years, before selling in the 1980s. More recently, MacGregor was associated with Greg Norman, making The Greg Norman Collection apparel line. Norman acquired partial ownership of MacGregor several years ago, but whe