Friday, August 28, 2015

14-Stroke Penalty for Golfer in LET Access Tournament

How do you get a 14-stroke penalty in a pro golf tournament? By misunderstanding the "lift, clean, replace" condition of competition.

The golfer is Anna Scott of England, the tournament is the HLR Golf Academy Open on the Finnish Tour, cosanctioned by the LET Access Series (the feeder tour into the Ladies European Tour).

So what happened? Under wet conditions, tournament organizers imposed "lift, clean, replace" rules - but Scott misunderstood and thought "lift, clean, place" was in effect. Not REplace, but place. Not, put your ball back down on the same spot, but put your ball back down close to the original spot.

When Scott realized her misunderstanding, she called over a rules official and explained that she probably violated the "place" part on seven holes. A 2-shot penalty for each meant 14 penalty strokes total.

She wound up shooting 52 over the nine holes on which the seven penalties were assessed, and 91 total. Here's what her scorecard looked like for that nine:

Scott provided more details in a Facebook post; here's what she wrote:

"For anyone interested into my lovely score today; it was raining a lot all morning & so there was a ruling of 'lift clean replace', I somehow missed the replace and played 7 holes of 'lift clean place' in scorecard. So standing in the pouring rain on my 7th hole as my playing partner said its lift clean RE-PLACE I realised I couldn't tell if I have moved my ball a couple cm back from the tee in the 7 chances I'd already had to do so. I knew I'd done it on a par 3 from the fringe and on 1 fairway because of the wet lie. Referee came over and said don't worry it's just 2shot penalty for each time you played from an incorrect place. HAHA! I wish the ruling was a DQ because the next 11 holes in continuous rain were pretty tough

"So I actually played decent golf today in that horrible weather this morning. The Finnish tournament director told me I didn't need to keep playing, but I had so many WD with my injury problems I didn't want another one... so I sucked it up & kept going. He also told me it happend on the challenge tour here not so long ago, that a few guys got so many penalty strokes they just stopped playing.

"I need to READ better! That's for sure.

"However, what is the point in lift clean replace?!"

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Why We Love the New Tour Edge Bazooka 460 Black Driver

We love the new driver from Tour Edge Golf, the Bazooka 460 Black. But we haven't even hit it!

So why do we love it? Two reasons:

  1. It has a fixed head (it's non-adjustable);
  2. It's value-priced, coming in at a price point well below most other brand name drivers.

Both of those things are becoming increasingly rare in the driver market, and that's too bad. Because the vast majority of golfers don't need anything but a cheap, fixed head driver.

Adjustability? Hey, if you're a low-handicapper or a golfer who loves to head to the range and tinker with settings, knock yourself out. But most recreational golfers are neither. In fact, most people who play golf are probably hurt by adjustable driver heads: they add confusion, they add options most golfers don't know what do to with.

Does a guy or gal who plays golf 10 times a year really understand what changing the loft, face angle, lie angle does to their shots? Do they even need to? No and no.

What those folks need is an old-fashioned, fixed-head driver. And preferably one that's cheap!

The Bazooka 460 Black driver is only $120 (check Amazon - we've seen it under $100 there). That might not count as cheap in your world, but relative to other name brand drivers, it certainly is. (Heck, if you only play a few times a year - when your in-laws visit, when your company sponsors a tournament, here and there with a few friends - you can even just grab something out of the bargain bin at Walmart and probably spend $50 or less, and be no worse off for it.)

So if you want to spend $400 for a driver that can be adjusted a dozen different ways, go for it. But if you're a weekend hacker, a recreational golfer, a high-handicapper who never practices, save yourself some time, some money, maybe some aggravation, maybe even some strokes, with a cheap, fixed head driver.

They are becoming a rare species. So kudos to Tour Edge for the Bazooka 460 Black.

Friday, August 21, 2015

Video: Watch Miss Texas Ask Jordan Spieth on a Date with a ... Rap?

Shannon Lee Sanderford, the reigning Miss Texas, threw out the first pitch before a Texas Rangers game, and she didn't let the opportunity pass to make another pitch. She wants a date with Jordan Spieth.

How did she Miss Texas make her pitch to Jordan? In the form of a rap. And yes, it's every bit as bad as you'd expect! Deliciously bad. Watch:

Alas, Miss Texas, your hitting on Spieth via "rap" is all for naught. Jordan is quite happy with the girlfriend he already has. Annie Verret might not be Miss Texas, but she's probably going to be Mrs. Jordan Spieth.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Is This the Best 3-Putt in Golf History?

Yes! At least until another enterprising young golfer does the same thing but in more dramatic fashion (longer putts, more break).

Here you go:

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Michelle Wie Goes Blonde, and We Love It

So, this happened the other day:

Michelle Wie tweeted those pics out with the hashtags "#SalonWiezy" and "#Postinjectionboredom." But this wasn't the finished product in her transformation from raven-haired to blonde.

Here's the finished product:

What did it take for Wie to get her hair this color? A lot:

But we say it was worth it. We're not usually fans of black-haired women going blonde. But Michelle looks spectacular.

Monday, August 3, 2015

Kangaroo Boxes Flags on Putting Green

Another wonderful video of animals invading golf courses. (Wait - it's actually the other way around! Golf courses invade animals' spaces, so, of course, animals show up on courses.)

The video was captured at Heritage Park Golf and Country Club in Wonga Park, Victoria, Australia.

This one needs no further introduction - a kangaroo boxes the flags on a putting green: