14-Stroke Penalty for Golfer in LET Access Tournament

How do you get a 14-stroke penalty in a pro golf tournament? By misunderstanding the "lift, clean, replace" condition of competition.

The golfer is Anna Scott of England, the tournament is the HLR Golf Academy Open on the Finnish Tour, cosanctioned by the LET Access Series (the feeder tour into the Ladies European Tour).

So what happened? Under wet conditions, tournament organizers imposed "lift, clean, replace" rules - but Scott misunderstood and thought "lift, clean, place" was in effect. Not REplace, but place. Not, put your ball back down on the same spot, but put your ball back down close to the original spot.

When Scott realized her misunderstanding, she called over a rules official and explained that she probably violated the "place" part on seven holes. A 2-shot penalty for each meant 14 penalty strokes total.

She wound up shooting 52 over the nine holes on which the seven penalties were assessed, and 91 total. Here's what her scorecard looked like for that nine:

Scott provided more details in a Facebook post; here's what she wrote:

"For anyone interested into my lovely score today; it was raining a lot all morning & so there was a ruling of 'lift clean replace', I somehow missed the replace and played 7 holes of 'lift clean place' in scorecard. So standing in the pouring rain on my 7th hole as my playing partner said its lift clean RE-PLACE I realised I couldn't tell if I have moved my ball a couple cm back from the tee in the 7 chances I'd already had to do so. I knew I'd done it on a par 3 from the fringe and on 1 fairway because of the wet lie. Referee came over and said don't worry it's just 2shot penalty for each time you played from an incorrect place. HAHA! I wish the ruling was a DQ because the next 11 holes in continuous rain were pretty tough

"So I actually played decent golf today in that horrible weather this morning. The Finnish tournament director told me I didn't need to keep playing, but I had so many WD with my injury problems I didn't want another one... so I sucked it up & kept going. He also told me it happend on the challenge tour here not so long ago, that a few guys got so many penalty strokes they just stopped playing.

"I need to READ better! That's for sure.

"However, what is the point in lift clean replace?!"

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