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Note to USWO Announcers: Putts Don't Break Uphill

The U.S. Women's Open is being played at The Broadmoor in Colorado Springs, Colo., nestled right up against the Rockies. And there are plenty of peaks right next to the golf course. And you know what they say about golf courses right next to a mountain: Putts break toward the mountain. But is it true? Well, sure, it could be true - if the contours of the part of the green your ball is rolling on take the ball toward the mountain. During ESPN2's second-round broadcast, the broadcast team of Terry Gannon, Judy Rankin and Dottie Pepper discussed the breaks-toward-the-mountain axiom, and endorsed it. Rankin even said that she's seen putts break uphill because of the "pull" of the mountain. That's 100-percent, Grade A nonsense. Putts do not break uphill, ever, mountain or no mountain. There's no mysterious or magical "pull" involved in putting - not from the Rocky Mountains, not from the city of Indio (the so-called Indio effect at the Kraf