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Texas Open Legend Mike Souchak Dies

Mike Souchak, age 81, passed away Thursday in Florida. He was born in Pennsylvania, went to college in North Carolina, lived for a while in Michigan, then spent the last 35 years of his life in Florida. He had no connection to Texas, really, except that he seemed to enjoy playing golf there. Souchak won 15 times on the PGA Tour, and among those 15 wins wins were: 1955 Houston Open 1955 Texas Open 1956 Colonial 1964 Houston Classic And his victory at the 1955 Texas Open is legendary: He set all kinds of scoring records that week - for nine holes, for 18 holes, for 72 holes, for score in relation to par. This bio of Souchak goes over those records and other elements of Souchak's career. Here's an excerpt from an old Sports Illustrated article describing the conditions in San Antonio that week in 1955: In Texas, there was mud. So much of it that the players hit their tee shots off mats all week. Where there wasn't mud, the ground was frozen. "The weather th