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Loco for Logo

I kid you not - that's the logo for the Jalapeno Golf Classic on the Futures Tour, the "Triple A" of women's professional golf in the U.S. The tournament is played a stone's throw from the Mexico border, in McAllen, Texas. A jalapeno pepper. Wearing a sombrero. And, for some unknown reason, yellow high heels. The golf course may not be a spikeless facility, but heels are ridiculous. You know, this little jalapeno character strikes me as a great mascot for the tournament, given the tournament name and location. But using it as the event logo seems a little ... unprofessional. There's a minor-league baseball team in San Antonio named the Missions. Their logo incorporates the Alamo. But they have a mascot called Henry the Puffy Taco (don't go there). During the 7th inning stretch, Henry - a guy in a giant taco suit - comes out and races kids around the infield (the kids always win, natch, when the taco falls down just before reaching home plate). Ma