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Not Content with Ugly Clothes? Try an Ugly Golf Bag

Did I say ugly? Maybe I meant cool! Whether Loudmouth Golf apparel is ugly or cool is in the eye of the beholder. And now you can "behold" Loudmouth golf bags: Actually, the company has been working its way into other product areas (in addition to apparel) for a while. Loudmouth partnered with a company called Molhimawk Inc. to make its new bag: Loudmouth Cart Bag by Molhimawk measures 35" tall and features a single putter tube, 14-way top, and anti-slip rubber feet. The cart bags are currently available in some of Loudmouth's most popular patterns including Shagadelic White, Disco Balls Black, and Lightning Rod. ... Loudmouth Golf also offers stand bags by Molhimawk. The stand bags come equipped with a one-of-a-kind Loudmouth hip pad, comfy straps, three roomy pockets, and an over-sized felted valuables pocket with a water resistant zipper. Would you be willing to go the full Loudmouth in outfitting your golf game?

Youngest Golfer to Shoot His Age, and the Coincidences that Followed

Did you know that the youngest golfer to shoot his age was only 59 years old when he did it? The golfer in question is Bob Hamilton , and his feat was followed by a couple of remarkable achievements related to Hamilton's own. First, about Hamilton and his 59: Hamilton was born in, and lived most of his life in, Evansville, Indiana. He was a professional golfer who won five PGA Tour titles, including the 1944 PGA Championship (he beat Byron Nelson in the final, 1-up), and played in one Ryder Cup. Obviously, a golfer with many notable accomplishments. In the mid-1970s, Hamilton and his family opened a golf course in Evansville, the eponymous Hamilton Golf Course. And in 1975, when Hamilton was 59, he shot a round of 59 on that golf course. That made him the youngest-known golfer to shoot his age. At the time, the course played a little over 6,200 yards. (Note: I have seen one reference to Hamilton's score being 58, but most sources — including the Evansville newspaper — agr

2 Golfers Attacked by Crocs at Cancun Golf Resort

The Iberostar Cancun Golf Club is one of the ritzy golf resorts in the Mexican resort area of Cancun. Unfortunately, it's also been the site of two recent attacks by crocodiles on golfers. The second attack just occurred: A golfer vacationing from Toronto was attacked by a crocodile that came out of tall grass, latched onto the leg of 58-year-old Dougie Thomson, and tried to drag him away. Thomson's story is told in an article by the UK's Daily Record newspaper (Thomson is originally from Scotland). The three golfers playing with Thomson eventually freed him from the croc's grasp: “I didn’t think anything about it until I heard him screaming. I just ran over with my 9-iron in my hand and started beating the crocodile about the head. “It had already dragged him four or five feet towards the water behind the bushes. When I started hitting it, it stopped but it didn’t let go of him.” Dougie and Brendan’s cries alerted their friends Gordon Victory and Marti

Golfers Who've Made the Most Money Without Winning on PGA Tour

Here's a fun little list: the golfer who've made the most money on the PGA Tour without winning a single PGA Tour tournament. 1. Briny Baird: 365 career starts, 0 wins, $13,183,237 2. Brian Davis: 282 career starts, 0 wins, $11,860,745 3. Jeff Overton: 217 career starts, 0 wins, $11,052,307 5. Brett Quigley: 403 career starts, 0 wins, $11,048,433 6. Charlie Wi, 209 career starts, 0 wins, $9,646,852 7. Steve Marino, 160 career starts, 0 wins, $9,137,743 8. Brandt Jobe: 331 career starts, 0 wins, $8,987,448 9. Greg Chalmers: 337 career starts, 0 wins, $8,614,231 10. Brendon de Jonge: 181 career starts, 0 wins, $8,304,826 Hey, it's good work if you can get it! Of the players listed above, Overton is the youngest at age 30. Marino has made the fewest starts with 160, and de Jonge is the only other golfer on the list with fewer than 200 career starts on the PGA Tour. Baird has finished second six times; Davis, Quigley and Wi five times each. It's tough to

Tiger Woods' Sponsors List is Getting Skimpy

I was on today and clicked on the navigational tab that reads "Sponsors." This takes you to a page where Woods' sponsors are listed. And that page is looking pretty skimpy these days. I don't think it's a surprise to anyone that Woods' endorsement deals have shrunk in recent years, post-scandal. But still, I was suprised at just how short and unimpressive the list is. You can see it yourself here . Since EA Sports dropped Tiger a couple weeks ago, Woods' list of sponsors really only includes two major global brands: Nike Golf and Rolex. The website list is stretched out by including the PGA Tour and the Dubai development for which Woods is designing a golf course. But that's kind of cheating. The tour isn't paying Woods anything (it's listed because of a content-sharing arrangement), and Woods' deal with the Dubai company is centered around his golf course design company. Other brands on the list of sponsors include

'Big Break' Leads to Big Love

Awwww, ain't that sweet: Two golfers who appeared together during a season of the Golf Channel's The Big Break are getting married. They found love in a reality TV show. Congratulations to Julien Trudeau and Mallory Blackwelder, castmates who got busy mating in real life after their time on Big Break Ireland . Trudeau outlasted Blackwelder on the show; in fact, Trudeau made it all the way to the championship match before losing to series victor Mark Murphy. Here are a few engagement photos that Mallory posted on Twitter (photos by Honey Heart Photography ):