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Adorbs! Annika's 3-Year-Old Golfing

Here is a video posted on (and YouTube) by parents Annika Sorenstam and Mike McGee of their adorable 3-year-old Ava golfing: All together now: Awwwwwwwwwwwww!

Tiger Woods' Chip-In at 2012 Memorial

It's time once again on the schedule for Jack Nicklaus' Memorial Tournament. Last year, at the 2012 edition, Tiger Woods won with the help of a brilliant chip shot on the 16th hole in the final round. Let's look back, shall we?

Pro Golfer Reactions to Anchoring Ban

Gathering some of the reactions by PGA Tour, LPGA Tour and other pro golfers on Twitter to the anchoring ban, which is now official: The USGA just cut down a mole hill. Can they now get to the mountain? Which mountain? Driver, ball, slow play,access. You choose. — Arron Oberholser (@ArronOberholser) May 21, 2013 I use a 33inch putter so the anchor ban doesn't concern me BUT I have tried a long putter and it in no way was easier for me... Cont'd — Sara 'No H' Brown (@SaraBrownGolf) May 21, 2013 Glad the @ usga is banning the anchored putting stroke.Should have done it decades ago.Never liked it. Should be implemented immediately — Kay Cockerill (@KayCockerill) May 21, 2013 how many lawsuits where there when they changed the grooves?? surely we just play by the rules?? any lawsuits when nfl change rules? — cameron percy (@cameronpercy1) May 21, 2013 DId they really ask the USGA if they're concerned about lawsuits this morning?It's an org made almos

Luke Donald Now an MBE (But Don't Call Him Sir)

We've always considered Luke Donald chivalrous. Now, the Queen of England does, too. Donald was inducted into Britain's order of chivalry when he was made a Member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire. Better-known as an M.B.E. There are five British orders of chivalry, and M.B.E. is actually the lowest. Luke doesn't even get to be called "Sir." But although it's the lowest of chivalric orders, it's a very high honor. The Golf Channel noted : Donald was awarded the MBE (Most Excellent Order of the British Empire), an honor bestowed upon civilians and service personnel for public service and other distinctions. The Englishman was noted for his work both on and off the golf course, having held the top spot in the Official World Golf Rankings for a total of 55 weeks in addition to helping organizations like the First Tee raise millions of dollars for junior golf.   "I am truly honored to be awarded an MBE by her Majesty," Donald

KJ Choi Uses Off-the-Rack Irons at The Memorial

PGA Tour players don't spend much time in retail golf shops these days picking out equipment. They can get any club(s) they want direct from manufacturers, and have them adjusted any way they want in one of those manufacturers' "tour vans" at each tour stop. Except at The Memorial, where tour vans are not allowed to park on the Muirfield Village premises, per Jack Nicklaus dictum. But Choi showed up at The Memorial feeling he needed a change in sticks. What to do? What Choi did was walk into a local Golf Galaxy retail outlet and try several sets of irons in one of the store's hitting bays. When he walked out, Choi was carrying a set of Mizuno MP-64 irons, which he purchased "off the rack." Why the Mizunos? Choi told a Golf Galaxy employee that he could tell the irons in the MP-64 set were all of the same swingweight, while the other "matched sets" he tried felt as though they had some variation in swingweight among the irons. Choi is know

Sex Talk

Here's what Lindsey Vonn tweeted after Tiger Woods' win at The Players Championship: Woooo hoooo!!!! He did it!!!!! 󾌸󾔗󾟛 — lindsey vonn (@lindseyvonn) May 12, 2013 Coincidentally, this is also what she says when Tiger brings her to orgasm.

YouTube Pay Channels Launch with 'PGA Digital Golf Academy' Among Them

You might have heard that YouTube is introducing "pay channels," allowing video content producers the ability to charge for subscriptions. Want to watch Content Producer X's amazing videos? Subscribe. The first batch of new pay channels from YouTube can be viewed here . Among the pay channels is one for golfers: The PGA Digital Golf Academy . The PGA summarizes its offerings this way: You're going to love these professional instruction videos from the PGA of America. Become a Premium Subscriber and you'll have unlimited access to an arsenal of exclusive video lessons and instructional classes never before seen on the web. -Step-by-Step instruction from the PGA of America top professionals. -Full-Length video lessons, tips, and techniques. -Video classes on topics like Driving, Pitching, Chipping, Putting, Rules & More. -New videos added monthly. Try it Free for 14 days! No Risk. No Obligation. So you can sign up for a trial period of 14 days free

Vonn Drags Tiger to Event, Gushes About Her 'Amazing Man'

It's tournament week at The Players Championship, but Tiger Woods spend Monday in New York attending a gala with girlfriend Lindsey Vonn. It must be love! Here's a selfie snapped by Lindsey: Along with the photo, she wrote this: "Looks a little different from the golf course and ski slopes ;) he looks good in a suit❤thx to Elie Saab @JimmyChooLtd and @armani #selfie #MET #ilovefashion" In another tweet, Vonn gushed: Had an amazing time at the MET. Thx to Anna Wintour and @ vouge for styling me, & of course thx to my amazing man for being my date. Night :) — lindsey vonn (@lindseyvonn) May 7, 2013

Sergio Garcia's Wedge 'Putt' at Quail Hollow

Here's the video of Sergio Garcia using a wedge to "putt" on a roughed-up Quail Hollow green during the second round of the 2013 Wells Fargo Championship: Back in the era of stymies, plays like this were common. But today, very rarely do you see a golfer using a wedge on the green. And when you do, it's typically from far away from the cup - get the ball up in the air, off the green, in order to remove a huge amount of break or avoid having to putt across fringe. Almost never do you see golfers using wedge from as close to the hole as Sergio did here. There was a huge spike mark inches in front of his ball, so he just popped the ball over the chewed up area. Very creative, Sergio. Kudos for both the idea - and for making the "putt."