YouTube Pay Channels Launch with 'PGA Digital Golf Academy' Among Them

You might have heard that YouTube is introducing "pay channels," allowing video content producers the ability to charge for subscriptions. Want to watch Content Producer X's amazing videos? Subscribe.

The first batch of new pay channels from YouTube can be viewed here. Among the pay channels is one for golfers: The PGA Digital Golf Academy.

The PGA summarizes its offerings this way:

You're going to love these professional instruction videos from the PGA of America. Become a Premium Subscriber and you'll have unlimited access to an arsenal of exclusive video lessons and instructional classes never before seen on the web.

-Step-by-Step instruction from the PGA of America top professionals.
-Full-Length video lessons, tips, and techniques.
-Video classes on topics like Driving, Pitching, Chipping, Putting, Rules & More.
-New videos added monthly.

Try it Free for 14 days! No Risk. No Obligation.

So you can sign up for a trial period of 14 days free, after which you have to pay the subscription fee to continue watching. Here's the video pitch:

How much does it cost to subscribe? On a per-month basis, it's $4.99/month; for, for a full year paid in advance, it's $34.99.

What do you think - will the PGA Digital Golf Academy attract paying customers? Count me as skeptical. I'm sure the content offered will be top-notch. But there are so many places on the Web - including all over YouTube - to find free golf tips, rules explainers and other videos, I'm doubtful that a fee-based golf video service will be very successful.

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