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Did You Know This About Tiger?

Tiger Woods' website,, has a "Did You Know" page that I stumbled across today. For example: Perfect day Did you know Tiger's perfect day is to surf, ski, play golf and go spear-fishing in the same day? How trite. Biggest challenge Did you know that Tiger's biggest challenge is to become a better person tomorrow? C'mon Tiger, stop procrastinating and become a better person today! Retreat Did you know that Tiger's retreat is to go underwater shooting fish? I'm not even sure what joke to make about that one. Indulgence Did you know that Tiger's indulgence is to spend his time on his boat? Hmmm. I thought Tiger's indulgence was skanks.

LPGA Winner IK Kim Donates Check to Charity

Let's give a hand to In-Kyung Kim, winner of the 2010 Lorena Ochoa Invitational. Kim closed with a 64, and she deserves applause both for the victory and for shooting 64 to earn it. She also deserves applause for donating her entire winner's check - all $220,000 of it - to charity. Kim announced that intention right after her victory, with the Lorena Ochoa Foundation getting half, and the other half going to an American charity yet to be determined. A commitment to charity is something the Korean contingent on the LPGA takes seriously, and they don't get nearly enough credit for their regular acts of generosity. Back in 2007, after winning the SemGroup Championship, Mi Hyun Kim donated $100,000 of her winner's share - roughly half her check - to the United Way Greensburg Disaster Fund. That fund helped families in a small Kansas town that was destroyed by a tornado. Donations of that size - a player giving his or her entire winner's share, or a very large p