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New Zealand Golf Boss Was a ... Porn Star?

That's not a headline you see every day, eh? But then, the story of Garth Stirrat isn't your everyday story. Stirrat had served for six years as the CEO of the New Zealand Professional Golf Association (NZPGA), until resigning earlier this year. Within the past couple weeks he started a new job as the head of the New Zealand Hotel Council. Now he's resigned from that position as well. Why? Because of some earlier "positions" he held. Using the alias "Steve Parnell," Stirrat took part in some pornographic photo shoots and was a performer in a pornographic video shot in 2003. Steve Parnell? Dude, if you're gonna go porno, at least show some creativity with your alias. Even George Constanza came up with "Buck Naked." From New Zealand's Sunday News : "I don't know what to say," said Southern North Island area manager Zayne Boone, who appointed Stirrat. "Obviously we need to make sure that the way in which we c