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Golfer Shoots Legit Round of 55

Rhein Gibson — a golfer who has very modest experience on the Nationwide Tour and a few Australian pro tournaments, and is ranked 1,444th in the world rankings — has posted a score of 55. For 18 holes. On a legitimate (meaning full-sized, regulation) golf course. The golf course is River Oaks Golf Club in Edmond, Okla., and the round took place on May 12, 2012. River Oaks is an 18-hole course with a par of 71, and Gibson was playing the tips from around 6,800 yards. It's the second round of 55 known. The first was recorded by former PGA Tour and Champions Tour player Homero Blancas in the early 1960s, but that round occurred on a 9-holer with two sets of tees that was a par-70 but only a little longer than 5,000 yards. Even his home country Sydney Morning Herald described Gibson as "little known." He's 26 years old, and he must really love River Oaks because a short time before the 55 Gibson established a course record of 60. It's a pretty safe bet that hi

Golf Boys Oh, Oh, Oh Video

The first Golf Boys video: