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PGA Launching Airport-Based "Golf Experience" Starting in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Contruction photo of PGA MSP via Facebook/PGAmsp The PGA of America, in partnership with a Minneapolis based company named Wexford Golf, is launching a new concept in March of 2015: Large "golf experience" zones within a major airport that include golf simulators, club fitting, pro shop, plus dining and lounge options. And it's open to all airport travelers, but also to non-travelers. The first such retail/driving range area is called PGA MSP Airport; MSP Airport being the Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport, which serves 35 million travelers annually. According to the PGA, it will be the first "golf lifestyle facility" located in an American airport. What will visitors find? First, lots of space - PGA MSP will encompass 12,000 square feet of space inside the MSP Airport. Golf simulators: All ages and skill levels will be accommodated on leading golf simulators, which will allow golfers to play many of the world's top courses. Practice areas: A putting gree

Reality Show About the Wild, Wacky Parnevik Family Coming to TV

Jesper Parnevik was always an odd duck on the international golf scene, first in Europe, then on the US PGA. The Swede's nickname - Spaceman - tells you a lot about him. And today's social media tells you a lot about his family, which seems to be populated with its fair share of spacemen and spacewomen. Soon, the whole crazy crew of Parneviks will hit television screens in a reality show. The Parneviks begins airing on March 16, at 8 p.m. on Sweden's TV3 network. Will the Golf Channel pick it up and air it in the United States? The show was taped by/for Swedish TV so, naturally, the Parneviks and other "characters" are (mostly) speaking Swedish. But if it's entertaining enough, who knows? It could be dubbed, or maybe even Season 2 could be taped bilingually. We'll have to wait and see if the show is any good, of course. Jesper's daughter Peg - whose full name is Ida Josefin Peg Parnevik - posted a preview video on Instagram: A video posted

Video: Watch Michelle Wie's Acting Debut on 'Hawaii Five-O'

Michelle Wie made her acting debut on an episode of Hawaii Five-O that aired on CBS on Feb. 20, 2015. Did you catch it? She played herself, but working as a caddie for Five-O boss Steve McGarrett in a big match. Check it out: What do you think: Does The Big Wiesy has a future on the big screen?

New Golf Movie 'The Squeeze' Endorsed by Nicklaus, Mickelson

The Squeeze ( buy it or stream it ) is the name of new golf movie debuting on April 17 (the Friday after The Masters). Is it any good? Well, we'll have to wait and see. But The Squeeze has already gotten two thumbs up from a pair of golf legends: Jack Nicklaus and Phil Mickelson. Both of those golf superstars provided promotional quotes for the movie's marketing releases: Jack Nicklaus : "I watched The Squeeze and really enjoyed it. It's a fun movie that tells an interesting story, and the golf elements are so real you actually believe it could happen." Phil Mickelson : " The Squeeze is a wonderful golf movie because it's so authentic. It hooks you in the beginning and stays interesting and entertaining right to the end. I'm looking forward to seeing it again." Whether the movie-reviewing skills of Nicklaus and Mickelson are anything close to their golf skills remains to be seen. But the simple fact they are willing to attach their na

They Went Looking for the Loch Ness Monster, But Only Found Golf Balls

Did you hear the story about the American TV show that scoured Loch Ness for the legendary Nessie, but all they found were golf balls? Well, golf balls aren't all they found - they found other debris, not to mention plants and animals. But the golf balls - thousands of them, in some estimates hundreds of thousands - were the big surprise. Here's what happened: Back in 2009, the television series Monster Quest - a show that pretended to take paranormal, cryptozoographic stories seriously, and that originally aired on the History (!) Channel - hired a team to operate a robotic sub and search Loch Ness for its supposed Loch Ness Monster. And that's what the SeaTrepid did; the little submersible, remotely operated, dipped beneath the surface of Scotland's Loch Ness. But, of course, the sub found no sign of Nessie, because the Loch Ness Monster doesn't exist. (The photo at the top is the one that started the Nessie myth back in the 1930s, but it was hoaxed.)

You Won't Believe the Amazing Week These Pro Golfer Lovebirds Had in Australia

Photo via PGA of Australia Tour professionals Richard Green and Marianne Skarpnord got engaged only about 10 days ago. That was a pretty amazing week for them. But what happened this week is even more amazing - at least for the rest of us. First up was Green, playing in the Oates Victorian Open pro-am in his native Australia, where he made a hole-in-one. Not just any ace - an albatross. An ace on a par-4. Green hit driver and didn't even realize he'd aced it after seeing his ball go into a greenside bunker. But golf balls take funny bounces sometimes, and Green's definitely did: Perhaps one of the unlikeliest holes-in-one ever caught on camera! Is it possible that Green could top that hole-in-one in the tournament proper? Maybe the only way he could was to win the tournament - which he did, in a 2-hole playoff . But what about Skarpnord? Surely she was completely overshadowed by her boyfriend's exploits. Wellllll, not so fast. Marianne was playing in the Lad

Here's Why You Should Never Take a Practice Swing Directly Behind the Golf Ball

Sometimes even the best golfers in the world - pro golfers, tour golfers - do boneheaded things on the golf course. Such as taking a practice swing directly behind the golf ball. When you do that, and you accidentally chunk a divot on that practice swing, bad things can happen. Very bad things. Such as that divot flying forward and hitting the ball. But it's happened at the highest levels of golf. In fact, in 2013 it happened on the PGA Tour and the tour on back-to-back days! On Sept. 14, 2013, Justin Rose's practice swing divot struck his golf ball during the BMW Championship: And on Sept. 15, 2013, during the Tour's Nationwide Children's Hospital Championship, Hudson Swafford did the same thing - hit his golf ball with a practice swing divot: Dumbasses! (C'mon, you know you wanted to say it, because now you don't feel so bad about the dumb things you've done on the course.) What's the penalty? One stroke (Rule 18-2). And