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Check out the Bear Trace's Eagle Cam for Real Birdies

Hey, golfers, want to enjoy some birdies? Then check out the beautiful bald eagles viewable every day thanks to a Tennessee golf course's "eagle cam." Back in 2010, a pair of bald eagles - since named Eloise and Elliot - showed up at the Bear Trace at Harrison Bay golf course in Harrison, Tenn., and built a nest. They've been there ever since. The first aim of course superintendent Paul Carter, after he noticed the eagles, was to figure out how best to protect the birds, which are, after all, our nation's symbol. And his second thought was, "how can I show off these magnificent creatures?" He turned for advice to the USGA Green Section, and a story on details how Carter and the USGA combined their heads to both protect the birds and to allow people to watch the pair. That article notes: Carter and his staff wanted to get a closer look at the nesting activities of Elliot and Eloise and also share it with the public. The USGA echoed Carter’

Behold the New Sport of 'Footgolf'

What other kinds of golf are there, besides real golf? Well, there's miniature golf. There's frisbee, or disc, golf. There's something called Power Play Golf . And now there's footgolf. I just heard of footgolf thanks to a post by Golf Digest , which notes that "instead of golf balls and clubs, there are soccer balls, and extra big holes to accommodate them." That's really all you need to know about how to play footgolf: It's exactly the same as golf in most ways - you start play from the teeing ground, propel your ball down the fairway, toward a green, and into a hole; it uses golf rules and can be played on either a real golf course (with much larger holes cut on or adjacent to the greens) or a purpose-built course. The larger cups are obviously needed to accommodate a soccer ball. The website of the American FootGolf League says this about it sports' genesis: FootGolf does not "compete" with Golf. FootGolf does not "compe

Bigz and Smallz

Here's the photo of the day, taken at the LPGA's HSBC Women's Champions pro-am party: That's Karrie Webb and Michelle Wie. And Karrie is not a short woman - she's 5-foot-7. It's just Michelle is tall, and is wearing high heels. Check out the hashtag Karrie used when tweeting the pic: Flats verses heels = 12" height difference! #tallgirlsshouldntwearheels ! — Karrie Webb (@Karrie_Webb) February 26, 2014

Here's What an Invitation to The Masters Looks Like

It's the time of year when Augusta National Golf Club is sending out invitations to play in the The Masters. Back in the old days, this was how you got into the tournament: you waited for an invitation, which would be coming your way only if the club's tournament committee decided to send you one. While The Masters is still, technically, in invitational, the invites today are based on a series of qualifying criteria. Any golfer who meets the criteria gets invited. But Augusta National still mails out old-fashioned paper invitations to golfers who've qualified. On Twitter today, one such golfer had this to say: Opening your mail box and finding this #priceless — Gonzalo Fdez-Castaño (@gfcgolf) February 21, 2014 Gonzalo Fernandez-Castano included a photo of the invitation he received from Augusta National, to play in the 2014 Masters:

Graeme McDowell's Restaurant Wins Orlando Foodie Awards

Where can you get the best burger in Orlando? According to readers of the Orlando Sentinel newspaper, at Graeme McDowell's restaurant, Nona Blue Modern Tavern . The newspaper's 2014 Foodie Awards recognizes the best Orlando restaurants in various categories, as voted on by readers. Nona Blue won five awards from readers, including best burger. A look at the Nona Blue menu shows two burgers. One is called the All American Burger, costs $11, and is described as "Fresh ground blend / American cheese / Lettuce / Tomato / Red Onion / Pickle / Mayo / Mustard / Toasted brioche." Pretty standard burger, except for the brioche. So the burger that won Nona Blue the award is probably the $13 Nona Blue Burger, which is also served on a toasted brioche but comes with bleu cheese and smoked bacon. Nona Blue also won Sentinel Foodie Awards for best bar menu, best outdoor dining, best new restaurant and best wine list. Nona Blue is located at 9685 Lake Nona Village Place,

Tiger Woods Impersonator Arrested for ... Um ... Sexting Threats?

Here is the lead to an article in the New York Post : The head of college counseling at the elite Horace Mann School is a Tiger Woods-impersonating bully who threatened to use his powerful connections to ruin a Manhattan hospital nurse after she dumped him, sources told The Post. Canh Oxelson, 42 — a Harvard grad who for more than a decade made a living off his uncanny resemblance to the serial-philandering golf champ — was arrested last week at his Upper West Side apartment after he allegedly threatened to send naked pictures of Minochy Delanois, 28, his girlfriend of six months, to her bosses at NYU Langone Medical Center. Huh. So a guy who made a living impersonating Tiger Woods wound up (allegedly) doing something scuzzy involving nude photos, texting and email? Are we sure he's not just working a new act? (Thank you, I'll be here all week.) (But seriously, kids - the alleged behavior is deplorable and possibly criminal. Although Tiger's admitted behavior was s

Unlike Uncle Tiger, Cheyenne Woods Enjoys Media Days

Tiger Woods is notoriously prickly and uninformative when it comes to dealing with the media. What about Cheyenne Woods? What is her attitude toward the media? Well, given that she is sometimes part of it (doing on-camera work for the fledgling Back9Network), it's not surprising that Cheyenne is far more generous and friendly in media interviews. In fact, in this video, recorded by Golf Australia prior to the Women's Australian Open (and in the wake of Cheyenne's victory at the Australian Ladies Masters), Cheyenne says of doing media work, "I think it's fun. It's a part of being on tour, it's a part of being a professional athlete."

Lexi Thompson Bikini Pics

(Note: new pics added to the bottom.) One of the fringe benefits of the LPGA Tour playing a tournament in the Bahamas is that some of the golfers snap selfies in bikinis and share them on social media. Like Lexi Thompson. Below are three bikini photos that Lexi took while she was in the islands for the 2014 Pure Silk Bahamas LPGA Classic. Lexi posted them on her Instagram (@Lexi) page: The golfer posing with Lexi in the middle pic is LPGA rookie Jaye Marie Green. 6-21-14 : Here's a newer one: 9-16-14 : Here's a screenshot of Lexi's photo shoot for Golf Punk magazine : 10-31-14 : Lexi at the beach: Follow GSB on Twitter | Like GSB on Facebook 2-3-15 : Lexi in the Bahamas: 3-18-15: 10-26-15: Lexi wrote about this pic, "Been working hard on my fitness and nutrition for the last 3-4 years...but now I gotta make some time to even out these tan lines." 1-28-16: 4-9-16: 8-9-16: 12-28-16: 4-13-17: 12-19-17: