Tiger Woods Impersonator Arrested for ... Um ... Sexting Threats?

Here is the lead to an article in the New York Post:

The head of college counseling at the elite Horace Mann School is a Tiger Woods-impersonating bully who threatened to use his powerful connections to ruin a Manhattan hospital nurse after she dumped him, sources told The Post.

Canh Oxelson, 42 — a Harvard grad who for more than a decade made a living off his uncanny resemblance to the serial-philandering golf champ — was arrested last week at his Upper West Side apartment after he allegedly threatened to send naked pictures of Minochy Delanois, 28, his girlfriend of six months, to her bosses at NYU Langone Medical Center.

Huh. So a guy who made a living impersonating Tiger Woods wound up (allegedly) doing something scuzzy involving nude photos, texting and email? Are we sure he's not just working a new act? (Thank you, I'll be here all week.)

(But seriously, kids - the alleged behavior is deplorable and possibly criminal. Although Tiger's admitted behavior was scuzzy, he never threatened anybody or committed any crimes, as this impersonator allegedly has. Tiger has also paid dearly for his actions.)

(Update: All charges against Oxelson were dropped.)

So: This Canh Oxelson guy used to make a living as a Tiger Woods impersonator. Boy, he must really look like Tiger, eh? Must sound like him, too, and have Tiger's mannerisms down. So let's take a look at him in action:

Whoa, whoa, wait just a minute - that's it? So being a "Tiger Woods impersonator" just requires being a black guy who puts on a Nike cap and a red shirt? OK, maybe this Canh Oxelson fella bears a superficial resemblance to Tiger, but it's not a very strong match, in my opinion. And there doesn't seem to be any effort to actually impersonate Tiger, as in sound like him, act like him, give the impression of being him.

I'll give Oxelson this: Early in his "career" as a "Tiger Woods impersonator," he was skinny, just like Tiger was back then. Later on, Oxelson was much bigger, just as Tiger had gotten.

Here's a much earlier clip of Oxelson just kinda sorta vaguely looking like Tiger, but skinny (the audio and video are mismatched, but you'll get the picture):

Weak sauce, man. Weak sauce.

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