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Chocolate Santa Fail

Posted without comment, this tweet from Jesper Parnevik: Only my wife would buy Christmas chocolate like this..... — Jesper Parnevik (@JesperParnevik) December 12, 2013

Would You Watch Hot Babes Playing Golf In Bikinis?

The folks behind Bikini Golf think you will, and to prove it they are giving new meaning to "skins game." Bikini Golf's Twitter profile states its plans this way: "Bringing a contemporary edge to golf with beautiful women competing in Skins tournaments for money while wearing sporty and stylish bikinis." Or go to and you'll find this mission statement: "Based in Southern California, Bikini Golf is the modish sports entertainment company. Our mission is to bring a contemporary edge to golf by broadcasting energetic 9-hole competition from spectacular courses across the world, where our athletic and attractive women golfers compete for Skins while wearing sporty and stylish bikinis." The company, according to its website, is in the process of arranging a television pilot of its 9-holes, hot babes, golfing-in-bikinis concept. They also are actively seeking women golfers (guys, don't get any ideas!) who are interested in be

Will 'Little Loopers' Movie Be the 'Bad News Bears' of Golf?

The Bad News Bears was a movie from the 1970s about a broken down man who takes over coaching a ragamuffin Little League baseball team. Miraculous improvement ensues, hilarity follows, and the movie spawned several sequels. Will that formula work in a golf movie? The production company Barish/Valdez Entertainment thinks it will. That company currently has a movie in production titled Little Loopers . Rob Morrow and Natalie Imbruglia are among those in the cast. It's about a former pro golfer, now broken down, who has a run-in with the law and is sentenced to take over coaching a group of First Tee kids. Here's what the movie's publicist says about it: The Bad News Bears of Golf: Little Loopers is a hysterical film following a man forced to coach childrens Golf for community service. Starring Rob Morrow, Natalie Imbruglia, Jay Ferguson and writer/actor Boyd Kestner LOS ANGELES, CA -- Boyd Kestner and Natalie Imbruglia will star in an independent family comedy calle