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The Greatest Golf Match Ever Played?

I love stumbling on connections across time in the game of golf, especially when they are unexpected. The photo at right shows Francis Ouimet at the 1913 U.S. Open, and beside him his caddie, 10-year-old Edie Lowery. That tournament, that year, was the subject of the book by Mark Frost called The Greatest Game Ever Played, and the movie of the same name. It detailed the stunning victory by the previously unknown amateur Ouimet over the titanic Harry Vardon and highly accomplished Ted Ray in a playoff to win the U.S. Open. Mark Frost now has a new book, this one entitled, The Match: The Day the Game of Golf Changed Forever. The book tout I ran across begins this way: In the year 1956, Eddie Lowery, a wealthy supporter of amateur golf, bet George Coleman, an equally important figure in the sport, that two of his car salesmen could beat any other two players in a game of golf. Eddie Lowery. Could this Eddie Lowery - the wealthy car salesman in California in 1956 - be the sam