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Win McMurry Wants to Shag Rory McIlroy

From Win McMurry's Twitter feed: Uh ... ummm ... Win, are you sure that "shag" means the same thing to you as it means to Rory? I assume you were talking about the dance and not, well, shagging. But either way - can I cut in? (With you, not with Rory.) Wouldn't it be great if the Golf Channel replaced every one its announcers with a clone of Win McMurry? She's delicious! Make that, shagadelic, baby!

Wham! Ben Crane and Ryan Palmer 'Sing' and 'Dance'

Here's a video originally posted to TwitVid by Ian Poulter. Ben Crane and Ryan Palmer will want to thank him. Or club him over the head. Crane and Poulter sing (if it can be called that) and dance (if it can be called that) to Wham's Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go at a karaoke bar somewhere in Hawaii. The combination of smartphone video capability and social media is truly a dangerous thing.