Sunday, November 23, 2014

Chris Como Golf Instruction Videos: You, Too, Can Learn From Tiger Woods' New Coach

By now you've heard - everyone in the golf universe has heard - that Tiger Woods' new swing instructor is a guy named Chris Como. Como definitely was not an unknown before Tiger picked him - he'd made Golf Digest's Best Young Teachers list, he was one of Golf Magazine's Top 100 teachers - but starting work with Woods certainly elevates one's profile.

So who is this guy? One way to learn about Chris Como is to learn from Chris Como. Let's watch some of the golf instruction videos featuring him that are available on YouTube.

If you want to go really in-depth in Como's swing thoughts, you can start with this 21-minute video in which Como discusses the golf swing with a biomechanist:

In this Golf Digest clip, Como teaches us to make a smoother putting stroke:

This clip is titled "Hit it farther with footwork":

The following clip is less than 30 seconds, but in it Como demonstrates what is probably his best-known bit so far: his use of boxing technique to help golfers who slice:

And we'll end with this video in which Como attempts a golf swing while leaping from a high-dive platform into a swimming pool. The video is headlined, "Golf swing with no ground force reaction." I'm not sure what it's supposed to tell us about the golf swing, but I do know what it does tell us about the golf swing: absolutely nothing.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Let's Feel Better About Ourselves By Watching Rory McIlroy Hit a Truly Awful Shot

It happens to the best of us. Or, well, to the best of them: A shot so bad that you are stunned a golfer so good could hit it. But mis-hits have always been part of golf, and many giants of the game - Bobby Jones, Ben Hogan, Jack Nicklaus among them - have talked about golf as a process of managing the bad shots.

So Rory McIlroy's awful shot in Round 2 of the 2014 DP World Tour Championship in Dubai? Hey, just one of those things. See, you really do have something in common with Rory!

If you're down about your golf game, watch this and feel a little better:

Need even more of a pick-me-up? Watch Stacy Lewis' even worst shot, and the 1-inch putt Lexi Thompson missed.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Dustin Johnson Gets the Taiwanese Animation Treatment

Oh ... my ... god. Dustin Johnson, currently serving a drug-related suspension (allegedly!) from the PGA Tour, get his story animated by that crazy Taiwanese "news" animation team. And the results are spectacularly awful. We see Dustin's (alleged!) drug habit animated, and his (alleged!) affairs with other tour players' wives animated.

The video is some cray-cray ish. Throughout the animation Johnson is repeatedly shown snorting huge amounts of cocaine with rolled up bills, then beating his chest. Sometimes as a giant squirrel looks on. Watch for yourself:

The ReTee: Brilliant or Bonkers?

Have you seen the ReTee? It's a ballmark repair tool whose claim to fame is that it comes with a sharpener built in. A sharpener? You know, like those little sharpeners schoolkids use for their pencils: insert pencil into hole, twist pencil, blade of sharpener shaves off pencil wood and sharpens the lead.

Here's the thing about the ReTee's sharpener: It's pitched as a tee sharpener. Snap a long tee? Pop it into your ReTee sharpener, sharpen up the point of the tee, and use it again on a later hole.

Clever or crazy? Brilliant or bonkers?

My first reaction to the ReTee was this: I wouldn't be caught dead using a tee sharpener on the golf course, any more than I would show up with a ball retriever sticking out of my golf bag. C'mon, man, I'm not in my 70s yet!

And who needs to sharpen a tee to re-use it? On par-3 holes I frequently scour the tee box looking for a snapped off tee to use. But any tee will do, I don't need a sharp point on in order to be able to push it into the ground. C'mon, man, I'm not in my 70s yet!

But you know what? Fact is, every golfer should carry a ballmark repair tool. And the ReTee is that. And the sharpener can be used to sharpen pencils, not just tees. And while I would never bother sharpening a tee - that's just silly - there have been times when the little golf pencil has needed sharpening, or when the lead of the pencil broke and it became unusable. That's happened to every golfer at one time or another.

So maybe the ReTee isn't so silly after all? If you're going to carry a ballmark tool - and you should - why not carry one that can do more than one thing? Well, the ReTee costs around $6, and that's one reason you might not bother with it. You can get ballmark tools much cheaper than that (I've never paid for one, yet there are probably eight in the bottom of one of my golf bag pockets).

One other thing concerns me about the ReTee: I haven't seen one in person yet, but I've tried looking closely at the pictures. As far as I can tell, the blade of the sharpener is not covered on the back of the ballmark tool. That seems ... hazardous. Like a cut to your thumb waiting to happen. Maybe they've addressed that issue somehow that I'm not seeing.

What do you think: Is the ReTee brilliant or bonkers?

ReTee website

Friday, November 14, 2014

13 Sexiest Golfers of 2014: No. 1 Cheyenne Woods

And the No. 1 golfer on's 13 Sexiest Golfers of 2014 - the sexiest of the sexy - is Cheyenne Woods.

What makes Cheyenne our top pick? Well ... look at her! But there's much more to "sexy" than just looks. In Cheyenne's case, there's a a poise, a composure, an obvious centeredness (under an intense spotlight not of her own making) that belies her youth. And she's one smart cookie. No question that Cheyenne would be a success in life no matter what her family background, no matter what her chosen field.

But since golf is her chosen field, what about that? She's still trying to make her way to the LPGA Tour, but only a fool would bet against her. Cheyenne won a Ladies European Tour tournament early in 2014.

Cheyenne is capable of a look best-called "smoldering."

Or, to put it another way, she's "hot" with a capital H-A-W-T.

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13 Sexiest Golfers of 2014: No. 2 Meghan Hardin

And the golfer at No. 2 in's list of the 13 Sexiest Golfers of 2014 is Meghan Hardin.

Meghan is probably best-known as a cast member on a season of The Big Break. Or maybe as the calendar girl for Wilson Staff's 100th anniversary celebration. But she's also out there toiling on driving ranges and practice putting greens, entering tournaments on the mini-tour circuit and trying to fight her way up the ladder of pro golf. And, as you might imagine, she's very popular at corporate outings and pro-ams.

Somehow, she still manages to look like this:

We've featured Meghan once before on Golf Spelled Backwards, after the tweeted that she is "determined to get a Jenn Selter butt." But, my goodness, if her bottom ever matches her top, Meghan will have to be declared illegal.

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13 Sexiest Golfers of 2014: No. 3 Sharmila Nicollet

No. 3 on's 13 Sexiest Golfers of 2014 is Sharmila Nicollet - the "Indian golf goddess," as she's been called. Sharmila turned pro when she was 18 and played on the nascent women's tour in India and the Ladies Asian Golf Tour. She also played on the LET Access Series before earning full Ladies European Tour status in 2012. She has 11 wins in professional tournaments.

Sharmila's look caught the eye early of editors at fashion and lifestyle magazines in India, Asia and Europe, and she has been featured many times as a model in such publications.

She also has one of the sassiest Twitter feeds in golf. Sharmila don't take no crap, y'all, and her wit is razor sharp.

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13 Sexiest Golfers of 2014: No. 4 Maggie Noel

All of the golfers on our list are, in varying degrees of success, tour players. All but one: Maggie Noel, No. 4 on's 13 Sexiest Golfers of 2014. Maggie is a teaching professional - a golf instructor.

Maggie played golf in college and after tried the tour life. She even won a state-level tournament in Texas. But becoming a teaching pro combined three things Maggie is obviously passionate about: golf, helping kids, community involvement. I get tired just looking at her Instagram accounts: she's a whirlwind of activity. She even runs a financial services company, not to mention doing modeling gigs.

Tat alert!

Maggie's modeling career continues to be successful. But her career as a teaching pro is rocketing: Just a few weeks before GSB compiled this list, Maggie was named by Golf Digest to its Best Young Teachers in America list. And she's only 26.

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13 Sexiest Golfers of 2014: No. 5 Blair O'Neal

Next up on the 13 Sexiest Golfers of 2014: Blair O'Neal. We mentioned in the introductory post that our list includes a few "usual suspects," and Blair is one of those. She shows up on lists like this one no matter who is making the selections. If there's one thing male golfers everywhere can agree on, it's this: Blair O'Neal is sexy.

Blair was a college golfer, then focused on modeling for a few years after graduation. She returned to golf and came to the attention of most golf fans through her multiple appearances as a cast member on The Big Break series. She even won one: Big Break Domican Republic.

Blair never gave up modeling, though, and with good (and obvious) reason. The next two images are from a photo shoot she did with Cobra Golf, a company she represents:

Blair has posted some good results as a professional golfer. She plays on the Symetra Tour and also plays in state opens, Cactus Tour events and the like. And she's advanced far into LPGA qualifying a couple times. Definitely not just a pretty face. She can probably outdrive you, too.

A head for business and a bod for sin ...

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