Chris Como Golf Instruction Videos: You, Too, Can Learn From Tiger Woods' New Coach

By now you've heard - everyone in the golf universe has heard - that Tiger Woods' new swing instructor is a guy named Chris Como. Como definitely was not an unknown before Tiger picked him - he'd made Golf Digest's Best Young Teachers list, he was one of Golf Magazine's Top 100 teachers - but starting work with Woods certainly elevates one's profile.

So who is this guy? One way to learn about Chris Como is to learn from Chris Como. Let's watch some of the golf instruction videos featuring him that are available on YouTube.

If you want to go really in-depth in Como's swing thoughts, you can start with this 21-minute video in which Como discusses the golf swing with a biomechanist:

In this Golf Digest clip, Como teaches us to make a smoother putting stroke:

This clip is titled "Hit it farther with footwork":

The following clip is less than 30 seconds, but in it Como demonstrates what is probably his best-known bit so far: his use of boxing technique to help golfers who slice:

And we'll end with this video in which Como attempts a golf swing while leaping from a high-dive platform into a swimming pool. The video is headlined, "Golf swing with no ground force reaction." I'm not sure what it's supposed to tell us about the golf swing, but I do know what it does tell us about the golf swing: absolutely nothing.

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