KJ Choi Uses Off-the-Rack Irons at The Memorial

PGA Tour players don't spend much time in retail golf shops these days picking out equipment. They can get any club(s) they want direct from manufacturers, and have them adjusted any way they want in one of those manufacturers' "tour vans" at each tour stop. Except at The Memorial, where tour vans are not allowed to park on the Muirfield Village premises, per Jack Nicklaus dictum.

But Choi showed up at The Memorial feeling he needed a change in sticks. What to do? What Choi did was walk into a local Golf Galaxy retail outlet and try several sets of irons in one of the store's hitting bays.

When he walked out, Choi was carrying a set of Mizuno MP-64 irons, which he purchased "off the rack." Why the Mizunos? Choi told a Golf Galaxy employee that he could tell the irons in the MP-64 set were all of the same swingweight, while the other "matched sets" he tried felt as though they had some variation in swingweight among the irons.

Choi is known for being willing to think outside the box (or outside the boxed set, in this case) when it comes to equipment. In April, at the Valero Texas Open, GolfWRX.com found Choi with a mix-and-match bag: he had clubs by TaylorMade, Ping and Miura. Choi is also the professional golfer who most recently gave face-on putting a try, using a sidesaddle style putter in two tournaments during the 2010 season.

By the way, using his off-the-rack Mizuno irons in the first round of The Memorial, Choi shot 72.

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