Saturday, May 4, 2013

Sergio Garcia's Wedge 'Putt' at Quail Hollow

Here's the video of Sergio Garcia using a wedge to "putt" on a roughed-up Quail Hollow green during the second round of the 2013 Wells Fargo Championship:

Back in the era of stymies, plays like this were common. But today, very rarely do you see a golfer using a wedge on the green. And when you do, it's typically from far away from the cup - get the ball up in the air, off the green, in order to remove a huge amount of break or avoid having to putt across fringe.

Almost never do you see golfers using wedge from as close to the hole as Sergio did here. There was a huge spike mark inches in front of his ball, so he just popped the ball over the chewed up area. Very creative, Sergio. Kudos for both the idea - and for making the "putt."

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