Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Golfers Who've Made the Most Money Without Winning on PGA Tour

Here's a fun little list: the golfer who've made the most money on the PGA Tour without winning a single PGA Tour tournament.

1. Briny Baird: 365 career starts, 0 wins, $13,183,237
2. Brian Davis: 282 career starts, 0 wins, $11,860,745
3. Jeff Overton: 217 career starts, 0 wins, $11,052,307
5. Brett Quigley: 403 career starts, 0 wins, $11,048,433
6. Charlie Wi, 209 career starts, 0 wins, $9,646,852
7. Steve Marino, 160 career starts, 0 wins, $9,137,743
8. Brandt Jobe: 331 career starts, 0 wins, $8,987,448
9. Greg Chalmers: 337 career starts, 0 wins, $8,614,231
10. Brendon de Jonge: 181 career starts, 0 wins, $8,304,826

Hey, it's good work if you can get it!

Of the players listed above, Overton is the youngest at age 30. Marino has made the fewest starts with 160, and de Jonge is the only other golfer on the list with fewer than 200 career starts on the PGA Tour.

Baird has finished second six times; Davis, Quigley and Wi five times each.

It's tough to win on the PGA Tour. It's also tough to make as many starts as the guys above have made. While none of them have won, they've all kept themselves going, moving forward, striving to notch No. 1.

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