Loco for Logo

I kid you not - that's the logo for the Jalapeno Golf Classic on the Futures Tour, the "Triple A" of women's professional golf in the U.S. The tournament is played a stone's throw from the Mexico border, in McAllen, Texas.

A jalapeno pepper. Wearing a sombrero. And, for some unknown reason, yellow high heels. The golf course may not be a spikeless facility, but heels are ridiculous.

You know, this little jalapeno character strikes me as a great mascot for the tournament, given the tournament name and location. But using it as the event logo seems a little ... unprofessional.

There's a minor-league baseball team in San Antonio named the Missions. Their logo incorporates the Alamo. But they have a mascot called Henry the Puffy Taco (don't go there). During the 7th inning stretch, Henry - a guy in a giant taco suit - comes out and races kids around the infield (the kids always win, natch, when the taco falls down just before reaching home plate).

Maybe that's what the golf tournament should do. Make Hilda the Jalapeno the mascot. Put somebody in a giant pepper suit, let them entertain kids, make public appearances, and so on. But hire a professional PR firm to come up with a legitimate event logo.

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