Win This, Not That

There are a lot of ugly trophies in the world of golf. (One website has an entire photo gallery of them.) Many tournaments these days tend to want to create a trophy that stands out from the crown - that is different, unusual, attention-getting. Something odd, out of the ordinary.

So GSB* commends the folks who run the Open who hired Malcolm DeMille Inc. to design a new trophy, and DeMille for coming up with such a classic beauty:

Yesssss, that's a golf trophy. It doesn't break any new ground, but why should it? It just looks so classic and high-class. It's a bronze cup that is silver-plated and a foot tall.

Wouldn't you much rather win that trophy than this one:

But don't worry! The second one is supposed to be goofy. Or "whimsical," in the words of Malcolm DeMille Inc. (DeMille is a designer and manufacturer of sculptural statues, prizes, money clips, fine jewelry and accessories.) is an electronics retailer; their mascot is Charlie Chip, a walking, talking microchip. And the second trophy was created as a prize for' pro-am winners.

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