Tony Jacklin Booted Off BBC's 'Strictly Come Dancing'

The BBC has a show called Strictly Come Dancing, the British version of Dancing with the Stars (or maybe DWTS is the American version of SCD?). And one of the contestants this season was British golf legend Tony Jacklin, a U.S. Open and British Open champion. But he's not a dancing champion. He got kicked out after the second week of performances.

Here is Jacklin's Week 1 dance, a waltz:

The only surprise is that he lasted to Week 2. But last to Week 2 Jacklin did! Which led to this atrocious performance, "dancing" the Charleston:

But hey, even though he embarrassed himself, kudos to Jacklin. It takes guts to do that, and guts is something Jacklin always had on the golf course. And still has.

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