Where's Win McMurry? Probably Somewhere in a Bikini

Where is Win McMurry? The winsome blonde broadcaster has been absent from the Golf Channel for a while now, and hasn't popped up in any other (regular) TV role as I write this in September of 2014.

But don't feel bad for Win. Judging by her Instagram account (@WinMcMurry) she's busying having a fantastic time that can be summed up in three words: beaches, bikinis, cocktails.

So what happened to Win McMurry at the Golf Channel? Why is she no longer employed there? Nobody seems to know (except those who aren't talking). I reached out to Golf Channel via email and a network spokesperson replied simply that "Win's contract was not renewed at the end of 2013." The spokesperson added that the network "wish(es) her the best in her future endeavors."

So Win was out as a full employee of the Golf Channel as of 2014 (I believe she did still appear on the network in spots afterward, probably on a per-piece basis). Is it just a coincidence that McMurry began posting bikini pics in January? Maybe not!

McMurry's Twitter account is now @WinMcMurry, but it was @WinMcMurryGC until early June of 2014. Perhaps there was still a chance, even to that late date, that McMurry and Golf Channel would work out a new deal? Who knows. It's suggestive, however, that she didn't remove the "GC" and mentions of Golf Channel from her Twitter profile until then.

And so what - aside from beaches, bikinis and cocktails - has Win been up to lately? She has been seen on television - she's filled in at least once (maybe more - I don't watch much ESPN) for Michelle Beadle as cohost of ESPN's Sports Nation.

And she's been making personal appearances, such as at the Myrtle Beach World Amateur golf tournament.

If you're like me, you miss Win McMurry at Golf Channel. She's talented, and clearly easy on the eyes. You would think that finding another job in television - and probably a prominent one - is something that Win will be able to do.

So why the delay? There are many possible explanations. But maybe she just wanted a little time away. Maybe she just wanted to spend a little time on beaches, in bikinis and sipping cocktails.

Thanks for sharing, Win. Win McMurry in a bikini is always a win-Win proposition.

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