The All-in-One Golf Bag-Push Cart Combo

We haven't done any "Pro Shop Finds" entries in a while because, well, there just hasn't been much in the way of new or funny or innovative or weird golf equipment crossing our transom.

But then this arrived in the email today:

I know what you're thinking: So it's a golf bag on a push cart. What's the big deal? Ah, but this isn't just the usual push cart with a golf bag strapped onto it. No, this is all one unit. It's a golf bag-and-push cart in one.

And I absolutely love this idea. It's called the Duo Golf Cart and the company that makes it is Alphard. No more having to carry around a bag and also a push cart, get both of them into the trunk, take both of them out at the golf course, strap the bag onto the cart, then several times around have to adjust the bag and retighten straps because the bag keeps slipping out of place.

The Duo Golf Cart even comes with hydraulics to make folding and unfolding easier. Yes, like a regular ol' push cart, this one folds down into a more compact size to make storage easier.

Now, if you're a golfer who sometimes walks, sometimes rides, occasionally or frequently enjoys carrying your bag, then the Duo Golf probably isn't for you. Unless you can afford to have multiple bags for multiple occasions.

But if you walk exclusively or close to it, and are tired of fighting with separate bag and cart, then consider combining the two into one product: the Alphard Duo Golf Cart. The only drawback, for those golfers suited to it, is the price: the models range from $329 to $379. On the other hand, if you're buying separately a nice bag and a decent cart, you can easily spend more than that. Check the Alphard Golf website for more info.

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