Lexi Thompson Whiffs 1-Inch Putt

Here's something you don't see every day: a pro golfer - one of the best on her tour, in fact - totally whiffing a 1-inch tap-in putt. Go to the 1:30 mark in this Golf Channel video of first-round highlights from the 2014 Sime Darby LPGA to watch Lexi Thompson do just that:

Ouch. What a look on her face. To Lexi's credit she immediately counted the stroke, but that smile is the smile of a golfer who feels very embarrassed about what just happened.

The whiff happened on the ninth hole and it meant a double-bogey for Thompson. She wound up shooting 71.

Hopefully Lexi's whiff won't come back to haunt her the way one of the most infamous whiffed putts in golf history did Hale Irwin at the 1983 British Open. Irwin whiffed a 2-inch putt in the third round ... then finished one stroke out of a playoff.

Just in case the Golf Channel video above doesn't work for you, here's an Instagram capture of Lexi's whiff:


Poor @Lexi, having bad day misses 1/2" putt. #whyyouputteverythingout

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