Check out the Golf Apparel Company of Original 'Buffy' Kristy Swanson

Did you know that actor Kristy Swanson - the original "Buffy" in Buffy the Vampire Slayer - has her own golf apparel brand? I didn't, not until Swanson tweeted this:

Kristy originated the role of Buffy in the movie version of Buffy the Vampire Slayer (the TV version followed and was based on the movie). She's worked steadily in movies and television since the mid-1980s, with the 1990s being her most prolific decade as an actor.

Swanson has also appeared in Maxim and Playboy photo shoots.

I knew all that. What I didn't know is that Kristy Swanson is a golfer who not too long ago started designing her own golf apparel. That turned into the brand aDRESSitGOLF. An announcement of the brand appeared on the aDRESSitGOLF website back in March 2014, and included this:

Known for her work on the big screen and television, actress Kristy Swanson is adding ‘designer’ to her list of credits with the launch of her new golf clothing and accessories collection aDRESSitGOLF. Aimed at the female golfer, aDRESSitGOLF will feature made-to-order pieces that can be worn before, during and after the game. Today Swanson is launching dresses in seventeen styles, three of which are reversible, in a variety of colors and patterns in addition to leggings and belts. The collection is already growing to include tops, pants, shorts, jackets, rompers and additional accessories.

I'm about the least fashionable person I know, but I really like the aDRESSitGOLF pieces show here and on their website. Great pops of color, and they look very comfortable, too.

Check out the shopping section on the website and you'll find that the aDRESSitGOLF designs aren't cheap. But if you want to stand out on the course, and have some money to spend on your outfits, check it out.

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