Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Top 10 Other Tiger Woods Demands Rejected By Qatar Masters

You might have heard the story about the Qatar Masters tournament rejecting Tiger Woods' demand for a $3 million appearance fee.

We heard that story, too. But we also heard other stories - stories about other demands Woods made in order to appear at this week's tournament, demands Qatari officials all rejected. And, exclusively, we share those demands with you now:

Top 10 Other Tiger Woods Demands Rejected By Qatar Masters
10. Practice balls with Hank Haney's face on them
9. Lockerrom towels must all have that Downy-fresh smell
8. Less sand - not just on the course, but in the entire region
7. The infidelity phone
6. Urinals with Hank Haney's face in them
5. Lavender-scented candles in all on-course portable toilets
4. For the fourth round, only red M&Ms in the lockerroom
3. Free membership in Hair Club for Men so Tiger can try to keep up with Rory's mop
2. Change name of Persian Gulf to Cablinasian Gulf
1. Blondes, and lots of them

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