Thursday, January 3, 2013

Allison Micheletti and Mike Modano Get Icy Hot

You know Allison Micheletti, right? The attractive young golfer is probably best known (now) as a cast member on Golf Channel's Big Break Atlantis series, which aired in the first half of 2012.

Before that, though, she got noticed as the hot girlfriend of PGA Championship winner Martin Kaymer, accompanying him at tournaments and the 2009 Ryder Cup. Kaymer also caddied for Micheletti a few times during her attempts at LET Q-School (she's also played LPGA Q-Schools). By the time Big Break Atlantis hit the air, Allison and Martin were no longer a couple.

Meantime, another couple was on the skids: Former NHL star, and future hockey Hall of Famer, Mike Modano and actor, singer and Playboy poser Willa Ford. Modano and Ford announced their plan to divorce after five years of marriage in August 2012.

And now, Modano, age 42, and Micheletti, age 25, are a couple.

What do they have in common? Golf and hockey. Modano is an avid golfer; Micheletti is a hockey fanatic from a hockey family. Her father is Joe Micheletti, a defensemen for Calgary and Edmonton in the WHA from 1977-79, and for St. Louis and Colorado in the NHL from 1979-82.

Micheletti's uncle, Pat Micheletti, had a long minor-league career but also played 12 games for the Minnesota North Stars in the 1987-88 season. Two seasons later, Modano signed up with the North Stars as the No. 1 pick in the NHL draft. He moved with the team when it relocated to Dallas, playing a total of 20 season with that franchise. He spent one more year with Detroit in 2010-11 before retiring.

Modano was the last active player in the NHL to play for the North Stars in Minnesota. And at the time of his retirement, Modano was the all-time leading scorer among United States-born hockey players in the NHL with 561 goals, 813 assists and 1,374 points.

And we know that he can still score - he's scored Allison Micheletti.

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Update I: Micheletti, Modano get engaged
Update II: And now they are married

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  1. He looks old enough to be her father or at least an uncle. Has she won anything at golf or living off some rich older man is her profession? His ex wife at least looked old enough to be his wife, not a little girl looking for fame.

  2. The comment about her "living off some rich older man" is sad. I may not agree with the age difference but I don't feel his wife has to be as famous or as wealthy etc...the girl next door, who wants to have children now and is closer to his age, would likely be best. That way she won't have to give up her career for kids at her young age and if he waits much longer...well. Wise up Mike! I hope Mike's family will be more vocal, with love this time around.

  3. "the girl next door, who wants to have children now and is closer to his age, would likely be best"

    Wake up... a woman his age is at the end of her babymaking abilities. If you knew anything about Modano, you'd know that he's a avid golfer; this seems more like a match than his previous wife. I predict these two will have kids within a year or two. I wish them all the best.


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