Modano, Micheletti Get Engaged

We told you early this year about the romance between hockey legend (and avid golfer) Mike Modano, and onetime Big Break contestant (and pro golf aspirant) Allison Micheletti.

Now these two crazy kids in love have taken it up a notch: They're engaged. Modano made the announcement on his Facebook page in early June. Here's a screen grab:

 If you can't read the text (and you probably can't), Modano wrote, "It's official- we're engaged! #couldn'tbehappier".

Allison hasn't said anything directly on point yet on her social media outlets, but she did provide this career update on her own Facebook page: "Quick update! It's been a long road back to recovery after a torn shoulder and nerve issues in my left hand/wrist. Next week I leave for Montreal to start off my summer with a Canadian Tour event. Thank you for all of the support, its been a great year off the course and looking forward to adding to it on the course."

Congratulations to Mike and Allison, best of luck in the future.

Update: And now they are married

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