2 Aces in the Same Round, and Didn't Even Win

There are few thrills in golf as exciting as making a hole-in-one. But here's a thrill that is much bigger: Making two aces in the same round. What could put a damper on the buzz from doing that?

Losing, that's what.

Take, for example, Ray Maguire. In sectional qualifying for the 1949 U.S. Open, Maguire made two aces in the same round. In the second round, at Plum Hollow Golf Club in Detroit, Maguire aced the fifth hole, and later aced the 14th hole. But he failed to qualify for the U.S. Open.

But if you think that's a sad story, here's an ever sadder one. In 1933 a golfer named Eric Fiddian, who had previously won the English Amateur Championship, reached the championship match of the Irish Open Amateur. His opponent was Jack McLean. During the morning 18, Fiddian made a hole-in-one. In the afternoon 18, he made another one. And he still lost, 3-and-2.

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