Unusual Gift Idea: Belt Buckle Made from Antique Golf Club

Looking for an unusual gift for the golfer in your life? I recently found something that seems pretty cool: belt buckles made from the blades of antique golf clubs.

Not surprisingly, this item is offered by that purveyor of the weird and wonderful, the unique and expensive, Hammacher-Schlemmer. They call it "The Genuine Hickory Golf Club Belt Buckle." How is it made? Take authentic 1920s-era hickory-shafted golf irons made in Scotland, remove the blade (the head of the iron), and turn it into a belt buckle. The original club was either a mid-iron or mashie.

And every buckle is unique, with unique stamps, markings and wear patterns. Says the retailer:

No two buckles are alike and each one has unique markings that may have been caused by determined swings from a cavernous pot bunker while battling whipping coastal winds on St. Andrews or another legendary links course. The club head was originally hand-formed by a blacksmith and the buckle has the artisan’s cleek mark and club loft that were originally stamped into the iron nearly 100 years ago.

They are expensive: $380 at the time of this writing. I'm not saying I'd spend that much, but, hey, I'm cheap and have few friends. (You probably knew that already because I'm a blogger.)

But you? You might be willing to shell out that much for what is a pretty cool, if not necessarily fashion-forward, idea. If you're interested, take a look here.

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