Sunday, October 18, 2015

Michelle Wie Eats Live Squid ... and Chicken Feet

Michelle Wie will eat anything. Don't believe me? Here she is eating squid ... live squid ... in Korea:

And here she is eating chicken feet:

Chicken feet during a proam? Why not.... 🙈🙊 #wheninkorea #casual #isitglutenfree

A video posted by Michelle Wie (@themichellewie) on

Different cultures enjoy different food. What might seem yucky to people in one geographical area is yummy to those in another. The rustic elements of Asian cuisines have always challenged the American palate, but foodies everywhere - and especially those like Michelle, who bridges two cultures - become more adventurous all the time.

Wie posted these two videos from Korea, where she was playing the LPGA KEB Hana Bank Championship. And it's not the first time she's shown herself trying live squid. Her first live squid video was two years ago:

Live squid!!!!! #eeek #yummmm

A video posted by Michelle Wie (@themichellewie) on

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