Can You Build a Better Driver? Wilson Will Pay You $500,000 If You Can

Do you have an idea for how to build a better driver, an idea for the next breakthrough driver technology in golf?

Wilson Golf wants to hear from you. And if your idea is worth testing, you might get on a new Golf Channel television series - you might even win $500,000 and have your driver produced and marketed by Wilson.

The television series is called Driver vs. Driver and is slated to air on Golf Channel in Fall 2016. The television series ...

"... will follow the trials and tribulations faced by contestants as their ideas and concepts are evaluated and critiqued by an elite team while going through the grueling process to become a viable driver within the Wilson Golf line of products. A set number of contestant concepts will go through prototyping and vigorous testing within Wilson Labs and the individuals and/or teams will work alongside the Company’s engineers and designers to refine the concept until a winner is determined."

And if your concept is the best? You'll win $500,000 and Wilson Golf will sell your driver at retail as part of the company's 2017 line of golf clubs.

Sounds like fun. Sounds like an idea that will generate some crazy submissions.

If you want to submit something (we're sure that your idea isn't crazy), you must create a video describing your design idea and submit it by Aug. 15, 2015. All the submission details plus more info about Driver vs. Driver is available on the Wilson website here.

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