Friday, March 27, 2015

84-Year-Old Woman Uses Face-On Putting Style to Win Car on 'Price Is Right'

You know how the game called Hole In One works on The Price Is Right, right? You sink a putt, you win the big prize.

Today on the game show, and 84-year-old woman named Margaret sank a putt (actually her second try) and won herself a $16,000 car. But it's more the way she sank the putt that caught my eye:

Yep, that's right, dear ol' Margaret went face-on for her putt attempts. Face-on putting is actually picking up some adherents around the golf world these days. Gary McCord is probably the best-known, and McCord swears by face-on. His buddy Peter Kostis - who learned face-on from Sam Snead back in the day (it was usually called sidesaddle back then) is also a fan.

And 84-year-old Margaret is definitely a fan.

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