Thursday, March 5, 2015

So-Bad-It's-Good 'Urban Golf' Infomercial Parody

Today's YouTube find is this phony infomercial that dates to 2004. The fella in the video purports to be an expert at Urban Golf, and wants to sell you a set of videos telling you everything you need to know about Urban Golf. Do not call the number, the product doesn't actually exist!

My thought upon first watching this was: Wow, this is bad. My second thought was: This is intentionally bad. It's a parody, after all. It's a parody of golf infomercials, but it's also a parody of Urban Golf and the too-cool-for-school people who do it, believing themselves to be "expressing themselves creatively" or something.

Your mileage may vary, of course, as with all thing humorous (or trying to be humorous). Even if you don't think it's intentionally bad, you'll at least think it's bad, which presents its own kind of comedy.

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