Photo: Otter On the Green at HSBC Women's Champions

Golf and wildlife sometimes mix, and over the years we've seen birds carry off golf balls, as well as visits to (or at least near) the putting green by dogs, cats, alligators, snakes ... even bears. But we've never seen an otter on the green. Until today.

Here's a photo that LPGA golfer Mirim Lee posted on Facebook:

Lee, in charming broken English, wrote, "I saw the otter on golf course :) his so cute. I love it."

The tournament was the HSBC Women's Champions in Singapore. A 2014 article in the Singapore newspaper The Straits Times explained that otters were moving into the city:

Wild otters have started breeding in the heart of the city, the first- ever known here to have done so.

Now, experts are worrying about how to best protect them.

Some researchers had considered Singapore's southern coast around Gardens by the Bay too built-up for these threatened native marine mammals that are often found at sea but need a source of fresh water nearby.

But a pair of smooth-coated otters, which first caused a stir in February with their visits to the downtown park, have now raised five pups.

Videos posted on social media over the last month show the family roaming and eating fish along the banks of Marina Reservoir.

They have also been seen inside the Gardens and in its lakes.

... Others have also been spotted at East Coast Park and as far inland as Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park.

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