Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Puppy Love: Danielle Kang, Rachel Connor Show Us Their Dogs Love Golf, Too

What does every golfer wish they had when practicing? A personal ball retriever. But the following two professional golfers - Danielle Kang and Rachel Connor - have come up with solutions. Their dogs!

Here is Danielle practicing with the help of her adorable pug named Booda:

Wedges at Saticoy Country Club today!.. I had my personal ball boy with me 😂😍 #Booda @boodakang

A video posted by Danielle Kang (@daniellekang) on

Hmm, is Booda actually brinding the balls back? Or is he just running off with them? Never mind - either way, it's cute.

The conditions are just a wee bit different in snowy England for Rachel Connor, but she's getting a helping paw from a handsome pup, too:

Abit of golf in the snow ⛳️

A video posted by Rachel Connor (@rachelconnor) on

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