Golf's Trick-Shotting Twosome, the Bryan Bros, on 'Big Break Palm Beaches'

The next Big Break on the Golf Channel is called Big Break The Palm Beaches, FL, and the cast of 12 men has now been revealed. And two of those Big Break Palm Beaches cast members are George Bryan and Wesley Bryan.

Yes, the Bryan Bros, of golf trick shot fame. Well, "fame" may be too strong a word at this point, but give them time. They've been attracting fans of their YouTube videos, picking up collaborators, featuring on - and, now, appearing on television. Here's a not-so-brave prediction: We'll be seeing the Bryan Bros on Golf Channel many times after Big Break Palm Beaches is finished. In fact, it wouldn't surprise me if these guys wind up with their own show, in some fashion.

A couple years ago we posted a video of a golfer in the 1930s executing trick shots, and commented that golf trick shots haven't really come very far since. But the Bryan Bros are trying to change that. They bring a fresh attitude, fresh approach to what had become, let's face it, a pretty stale area of golf entertainment.

For example:

Or, with the lights on:

Who are these bros? Here's what the Golf Channel said about them in its news release announcing the cast:

George Bryan (27, Chapin, S.C.) – Older brother of fellow competitor Wesley Bryan, George was a three-time All-American at the University of South Carolina and a teammate of Big Break Greenbrier champion Mark Silvers. George is currently competing on mini tours, and has gained popularity with his brother in posting trick shot videos online (BryanBrosGolf).

Wesley Bryan (24, Augusta Ga. / Chapin, S.C.) – Younger brother of fellow competitor George Bryan, Wesley played collegiate golf at the University of South Carolina and is currently competing on various mini tours.

Want more trick shots? OK, here's a couple more vids:

Want even more? Check out the BryanBrosGolf YouTube channel.

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