From the Annals of Terrible Golf Product Names ...

This tweet popped into existence today from the floor of the 2015 PGA Show:

See the name? "HJ Glove." Right. Because no golfers are going to make jokes about what the "HJ" might stand for on your new golf glove.

Another tweeter replied to the above by recalling a line of skin care products aimed at golfers that debuted under the name "Fore Skin." Really! I remember that stuff. After receiving lots of derision and eye-rolling, the company quickly changed the name to "For Your Skin." Don't think they are still around.

One terribly named golf product that is still around is the Big Dick driver. Wait, what's that? Yes: Big Dick. By a company called Divnick Golf. Here's photographic proof of its existence:

They tried to claim they were just playing on the "Dick and Jane" theme. But, c'mon. This company, too, soon realized the name was less clever and more problematic than they originally thought and started offer the "Big Stik" driver as an alternative.

What other really awful golf product names do you remember?

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