Tiger Woods Gun Play: Remember This Photo?

Remember the time Tiger Woods played with guns while visiting Navy SEALs? Tiger took weaponry onto a shooting range in San Diego during a 2006 visit. Here's the pic:

Oooooo, I'm scared! Tiger looks kinda badass there. But I guess looking badass isn't too hard when you're holding a handgun and a shell casing is flying. If this photo were taken today, I imagine we'd see Dan Jenkins' photo on those targets. Here's the actual cutline that goes with the photo:

San Diego (May 31, 2006) - Professional Golfer Tiger Woods squeezes off a round from a handgun during training at a shooting range outside San Diego. Navy SEAL instructors assigned to Naval Special Warfare Center at Coronado taught Woods basic marksmanship skills during a recent visit. U.S Navy photo by Chief Journalist Deborah Carson

A few months earlier Tiger Woods was also in San Diego hanging out with Navy SEALs (remember what Hank Haney wrote about Tiger's SEALs obsession?):

And the cutline:

an Diego (Jan. 27, 2006) - Pro golfer Tiger Woods views a static display of various SEAL weaponry. Tiger was in San Diego for the Buick Invitational Golf Tournament and spent the afternoon learning about the Special Operations Community. U.S. Navy photo by Cmdr. Jeffrey Bender

(You can enlarge the photos by clicking on them.)

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