Jason Palmer Is the European Tour Golfer Who Chips One-Handed

Notice anything unusual about the image above? Right: The guy who is chipping is using only hand on that chip shot. His name is Jason Palmer, and he's a member of the European Tour in 2015. Here's the short video clip from which that screengrab was taken:

The shot in the video was recorded during a Challenge Tour tournament in 2014. That's the feeder tour into the European Tour (the Web.com Tour of Europe), and that's where Palmer played in 2014. He's a third-year pro who always struggled around the greens, then switched to one-handed chipping and hasn't looked back - even when fans and other golfers looked at him kinda funny for doing it.

And why should Palmer be concerned about those funny looks? Since switching to one-handed chipping during tournament play, he won his first Challenge Tour tournament, finished eighth on the money list and won promotion to the European Tour!

There's nothing unusual about hitting chip shots one-handed during practice sessions or warming up before a round. Many, many pro golfers do that, and even some recreational golfers. For example, here is Miguel Angel Jimenez warming up around the green with one-handed chip shots (while talking on his cellphone!)

But Jason Palmer is the first in memory who has taken this practice method onto the course during tour events.

Here are two videos in which Palmer discusses the technique and demonstrates it more fully:

Search YouTube for "one-handed chipping" and you'll find many videos of golf instructors recommending practicing chip shots one-handed. For example, this one:

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